Authors of Great Green Cities come from across The Nature Conservancy, sharing a variety of perspectives on the organization’s work in cities around the world.


LaTresse Snead

LaTresse Snead is deputy director of The Nature Conservancy’s Global Cities program, where she cultivates and promotes teams developing nature-based solutions for the most pressing challenges facing cities around the world. While advancing strategy, fundraising, and communications efforts, LaTresse oversees a passionate staff who work on everything from greening megacities to creatively engaging the world’s billions of city dwellers with nature. Her role also includes helping the Conservancy think through issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity. Over her career, LaTresse has brought positive change, accountability, and a transparent management style to a mix of nonprofits and businesses, including Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Tastefully Simple, the American Red Cross, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. When she’s not traveling, she lives outside Atlanta with her husband and son, where she’s an aspiring yogi and cyclist. Follow LaTresse on Twitter at @LaTresseSnead.


Misty Edgecomb

Misty tells the stories of The Nature Conservancy’s work in urban areas as the Building Healthy Cities Communications Director. She’s a proud Mainer-in-Exile and former newspaper reporter who recently moved to Las Vegas with her husband and small son. She has developed a bit of an obsession with flowering cactuses and is still working on the correct pronunciation of “Nevada.” Follow her on Twitter at @mistyedgecomb or see more of her work at